This is the International Sign for…

I love international signs. They always make me look at the world just a little bit differently.

For example, I think we need this one for “Catch the Falling Baby” in the United States.

Just think of all the times we could’ve caught the baby, if only there’d been a sign.


P.S. Greg thinks this might not actually be a “Catch the Falling Baby” sign but I think it’s unlikely the French would make a “Throw the Baby to the Ground” sign, don’t you?



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  1. That’s funny, I thought it meant: “Stay Baby. Stay on that melon wedge.” You know, a baby appetizer…. like those little corn cobs.

  2. That’s a stick figure illustration of Julia Child demonstrating the proper way to truss a ‘poulet’.

  3. I have nothing to add; I just had to chime in to say that you all are HILARIOUS! What wonderfully varied and goofy ways of looking at the world! Me? I just saw it as a sign indicating a changing table (I know–how boring, right?) but I actually felt myself get excited! Maybe it’s because there’s such a dearth of changing tables here in Ukraine that I suffer from permanent changing-table envy.

    1. Sharon! I know what you mean about dearth of changing tables in Ukraine. I think people in charge are still generally acting like that aspect of parenting is entirely too private to acknowledge in public by designation a spot and indicating it with a sign… Good luck! Are you there for business, pleasure or ministry?

  4. I’m pretty sure this was hung upside down…it’s actually a “watch out for the low ceiling when you toss your baby in the air” sign. 🙂

  5. You found a baby store! It’s showing you to grab a baby off the shelf. ;o)

  6. or is some poor person who dropped their marshmallow in the fire?! (shouldv’e known to wait till it was just hot coals) :oP

  7. I think it maybe means there is a changing table in there.

  8. I’m pretty sure that’s a “Don’t ever talk to me that way again ma petit bebe, OR ELSE.”

  9. to me it says – put your baby here to give them chest compressions!

  10. exchange your baby here; or maybe that is change diaper here. ;-/

  11. Looks to me like a parent alien abduction warning. Be careful out there!

  12. Warning: One armed man will poke baby hunchback unicorns if left unattended on giant’s contact lens.

    1. eh maybe that’s more of an antler than a horn.

  13. Do not set baby down due to ongoing zombie attacks on babies.

  14. That is a turtle. It’s a sign for “place your turtle on its back so it won’t move away.”

  15. The sign for beat your baby in the head with a door handle? I know all of my babies had their heads bumped on a door jamb, but I’ve never impaled them on a handle before.

  16. No, silly, that’s “Tickle the hysterically giggling baby.”

  17. I have to say that the baby looks slightly as if it’s on fire! Hope you’re having a wonderful time 😀 x

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