A Moment of Mamaraderie

I’m going to a meeting tonight.  Just double checked with a friend to see if she’s coming, too.

Her response:

I may not be mentally there . . . this parenting thing is killing me lately. But my body will be present.

YES. This. Exactly. Empty shell. Wrung dry. Kaput. Finé. I’d hug her for this message of mamaraderie except that would take energy. Instead, we agreed we’d just prop each other up and drool. That propping and drooling are, in fact, our most recently mastered areas of expertise.

So, momrades, anyone else want in on the propping and the drooling? Vacant staring and couch sitting also accepted. It’s an open invitation. All are welcome.


ABOUT BETH WOOLSEY I'm a writer. And a mess. And mouthy, brave, and strong. I believe we all belong to each other. I believe in the long way 'round. And I believe, always, in grace in the grime and wonder in the wild of a life lived off course from what was, once, a perfectly good plan.
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  2. Oh, please! Oh, please! I wanna join! That’s all I have to add…

  3. Mombie for sure!!! I have a sick 7 month old who coughs herself awake at night… and sometimes decided to cough, gag and vomit her nighttime bottle, meaning I have to stay awake later than 9 pm (hahaha I know) so that I can feed her a bottle before bed. I have said MANY times since Friday that she is lucky she is cute, because carrying around a 20 lb baby who has a runny nose and coughs in your face is not nice. I dont even have energy to make something, so I just ate a box of crackers. At least they weren’t stale though right? lol

  4. Awww this make so happy. I don’t have many mom friends and the ones I do have never share about their life. Everyone is so proper.
    I love the honesty of this blog. And when I just want to not think about being a mom, or just not think period, I play Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries and stare off into space.

    1. We’re happy to be your momrades, Emily. Everyone needs some. xoxo

  5. Momaraderie = Brilliant!!! I love it, and I certainly crave it.

    Mombie – this describes me perfectly every night at 8:45 when I sit pitifully on the couch, unable to move another muscle, and unable to form a complete sentence. I don’t even have to look at the clock – because my husband starts to look at me with this look of bewilderment…

  6. Count me in. Although the drooling might take just a bit too much energy… I definitely be there with my vacant stare.

  7. Mamaraderie! I love it! And I saw Mombie in the comments. Perfect.
    I’ve been letting hulu auto play whatever it wants for the last several hours. That autoplay is dangerous when I’ve lost my brain somewhere in the sink full of dishes or piles of laundry…

    1. “I’ve lost my brain.” Yes. This is why mombies crave brains. We’ve lost our own with very little hope of finding them in all the clutter. 😉

  8. I found myself driving BELOW the speed limit twice today. What’s up with that?? Propped up by the driver’s seat and drooling on the seatbelt, I was.

    1. LOL, I find myself driving under the speed limit sometimes too, wtf. Especially when my kids are just listening to the radio and not asking 10,000,000 questions about the universe. Or on that SUPER RARE OCCASION WHEN I GET TO DRIVE ALONE!

      1. Hahahahaha. Me, too, Kris and Carlie. The?? WHEN DID THIS START HAPPENING?

  9. Also just sitting down to the vacant staring of a mombie. Trying to refuel with cup of tea & muffin… The day is only half over where I live 😉
    And I agree, you are awesome! Fancy making to a meeting to drool. I barely make it to the couch!

  10. Been there, Kari. My kid did that too. She is now 8 and a half and no longer a soul sucking monster. My sister-in-law had this eerily perfect baby that never made a peep and she was sooooo judgmental of me and my baby — obviously I was inadequate as a parent.

    Then she had her second, a screamy needy horrible demanding baby that got into everything.

    So yeah. I win.

  11. YES. I am a total mombie right now. According to the internet, I should probably be craving wine, but I’ve never been too into it, so . . .

    *lurch* chaaaaaaaawwwwclaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhht *lurchdroolshuffleshuffle*

    1. Wait, I changed my mind . . .


      Also, you are awesome.

  12. I want to be propped up and drool. I want also to drink a giant glass (ok bottle of wine), damn you breastfeeding. sigh. I have ONE…..just ONE 5 month old who is just draining the life out of me. And all my friends have these happy easy going babies and I got the hell baby who never sleeps and seems to always be ticked off. No no I’m not tired or crankky or anything.

    **Note I love my baby and she can be super sweet and super cute but she is also a soul sucking monster who is set on draining all of my life from me**

    1. I am utterly convinced that the only difference between people and animals is that we recognize the fact that babies are cute, and therefore, we do not eat our young.

      I often (often, often) told my infants “It’s a good thing you’re cute”.

      So, look deeply into your beautiful baby’s eyes, drool with her, and say it with me – “It’s a good thing you’re cute”.

      She’ll love it – and so will you 🙂

      1. Haha I have been saying ‘you’re lucky you’re so darn cute’ pretty much since she came home from the hospital and refused to sleep anymore. She was done…she slept all she needed to sleep in the womb and at the hospital. People keep telling me ‘this is a phase it’ll pass’. My response is becoming ‘I’m pretty sure 5 months of the same thing isn’t a phase…I’m screwed’

    2. “I love my baby and she can be super sweet and super cute but she is also a soul sucking monster who is set on draining all of my life from me.”

      Love this. Because YES. This is all of parenting.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Any number of kids is a lot of kids. One kid is a lot of kids. I had “just” one once. It almost broke me. BUT WE ARE STRONG, mama. Stronger than we know. That soul sucking monster will drain all of your life from you, and then you’ll find out she infused you with a whole new one. Like being on soul dialysis. xo

      1. “That soul sucking monster will drain all of your life from you, and then you’ll find out she infused you with a whole new one. Like being on soul dialysis. xo”

        This. This is why I read your blog. Funny. Poignant. True. Thanks.

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