The Wetters of the Alphabet

They’re boys.

They’re twins.

They’re 4.

They pee in the same toilet.

At the same time.


We went to McDonalds on Saturday.

Cai had to go potty.  Cael thought that sounded fun and asked to come, too.

I wasn’t sure why he thought that sounded fun.

Do you sense the foreshadowing?

We three squeezed into one stall and the cooperative peeing adventures began. ...  read more

On Abandoning “All or Nothing” in Favor of Something

Here’s a secret for you:

I’m addicted to All or Nothing, and I’m on a lifetime recovery mission.

Like any addict, this means choosing every day to reject my compulsion to indulge in something harmful – something that will destroy me – and to choose, instead, that which doesn’t come naturally but is infinitely more healthy. In my case, it means choose to do something, knowing it won’t be ALL, or to choose to do something instead of burying my head, giving up in defeat, and doing NOTHING because I can’t, it turns out, do it ALL.
 ...  read more

Overheard: A Conversation Between Preschool Boys

I’m away this weekend with my littlest three kiddos in the great state of ALASKA. We’re also undoubtedly in the great state of chaos, which is where we usually reside, but, hey, we like it here.

While I’m away, I’m sharing tidbits that I originally posted only on the Five Kids Facebook page, and I’m doing rather selfishly. See, I realized there’s some stuff I want shifted over here into the “permanent blog record” ’cause this is my family scrapbook, and I want to make sure I don’t lose these pieces over time. So if you already read this stuff over there, I hope you’ll forgive me; you can check back in next week when I bombard you with pictures of kids gamboling in the Alaskan snow-covered wilderness. ...  read more